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We hope you can become part of our community. If you do, you can stay for life, or however long you need us. You are with people who will not judge you. They will accept you and value you. Our goal for you and us will be progress not perfection. Please become a member of our community. If you want us, we want you.

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Pathways is a place where those with psychiatric diagnoses, have learned to help their peers, by delivering basic human services along with empathy and encouragement. The people discussing taking medication are taking their medication. We who have survived mental illness share our experience, strength and hope with each other.

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Donations enable us to provide well over 2,000 meals a month to the mentally ill, many of whom are homeless. We also provide clothing, laundry machine access, showers, Internet & phone access, mailing address, recreational activities, and info. about other services in the community. Your donation is tax deductible. Find out how you can help here….